My mixed feelings about “Top Chef Duels”…

I have been watching “Top Chef Duels” on Bravo recently because I figure I should give it a try to see if this network could redeem itself from the fiasco that was the season 12 finale of “Top Chef”.  I like this show because you get to see the chefs cook against each other one on one while still letting them provide good pr for their restaurants. Also, I like that for each challenge it is something original and not something that has been done before as much in other “Top Chef” seasons.  For instance this past week the chefs Dale and Tiffani had to create a vegan three course meal for their final duel.

The one disappointing part for me is the fact that Curtis stone is one of the judges.  It is nothing against him totally but I have seen him in US shows more as a judge and less as a chef.  Also, I have just discovered that after all this time hosting shows and writing cookbooks that he has just opened up his first restaurant this year called “Maude”.  I think if I saw if he had any cooking prowess under pressure I would probably respect or like him more.  I think he may have guest stared on “Iron Chef America” but I am not sure about that.

Also, another I guess disappointing thought I had about  “Top Chef Duels” is that the producers are just using this show to get back in the good graces of the many pissed off fans about season 12. Well, maybe not just season 12 of “Top Chef” things in the show have been sort of hit or miss since season 9. I almost considered giving up on “Top Chef” in season 10.  I am sure I am not the only person who has thought about this. It just feels like the producers are literally trying to bribe us (the viewers) into watching season 13 of “Top Chef” this October with the famous guest stars, $100.000 grand prize , not including the $180.000 that is being spent for the individual battles between the individual chefs before the final battle in each episode.  I have decided I am going to do for “Top Chef” season 13 is watch the first three or four episodes and if I not impressed, or if they continue to try to impersonate the Food Network with more sizzle than steak as far as video content, than I am done with this show.  So to my readers out there I have to ask do you think “Top Chef Duels” is just a ploy to get back in viewers good graces to watch season 13 of “Top Chef”?

A funny thing happened on the way to the ball game

Well, yesterday I did something I had not done in almost a decade and went to my cities local triple A baseball game. I did this because A) I needed social time and B) I have learned if I stay cooped up in the house looking for work, I tend to get very crabby which is not good for me or anyone else I know.  Also, I had a promised a friend that I had known since high school that I would good. Oddly, enough I was  excited to go to said games since it was a double header because I had not gone to one in so long. Another perk is in included in our ticket price for me and my friends/aquainta-friends who were coming along with him was a meal thrown in before the game. Mind, you my excitement was a bit dampened the day of because I was on my period.

Now where we live it is hot in the summer since I live in a desert and we had to wait for a couple people to show up, but they made it on time. Little did we know is that they didn’t want to come and had rather gone to see a comedy show that night. Also, I had discovered later that night that my aquainta-friends bf/fiance wants to be a comedian so he has been going to comedy shows to I guess learn the basics of a comedy show and has been working on “material”. This same person also had recently hurt himself at work and had hurt his teeth in the process so he did not eat anything that day and I am pretty sure he was more crabby than me and I was on my period.

Now, when I have discovered this the whole time I thinking but not saying because well that is rude is “if they had not wanted to come, and if he hurt himself, they should have just cancelled”, but I think my long term high school friend had already paid for the tickets so they felt obligated to go. After discovering some of this information out while eating our meal, the game started and me and my high school friend seemed to be the only one’s who pay attention as our local team lost one game of the double header. The games were good and we left during the 2nd inning of the second game because our team was losing.  I am pretty sure one reason I even tried to watch the game was my dad and stepdad are into it so I figured I would try for them, if I ever went to a game with either of them. Also, I had fun keeping track of well our teams’ players stats, since that is about as close to math as I like to get on any given day.


By, the time the gaggle of us left we decided to leave the middle of the second game to go to Dennys for some food, of which their was much debate. The then annoyed bf of my aqainta-friend who had spent most of the past two games watching MMA fights and who thought baseball was “boring” proclaimed where we were going. It is more entertaining then golf in my honest opinion and gets mildly exciting if the players actually make it to some of the bases. Me, my bf and my high school friend then proclaimed our annoyance and took our sweet time getting to said location.

Our groups annoyance did not end their, and some time was spent debating with MMA guy about things. The one debate that stands out to me were over the so-called merits of Cuttroat Kitchen and my acquainta-friend saying that “I didn’t get it”. Now, mind you have been cutting her slack over the years whether she deserved or not but this bugged me.

This bugged me because  television show networks like Food Network and Bravo has been used to broadcast mainly reality television, which I have found bad depending on the quality of shows. Also, this annoyed me because in Cutthroat Kitchen they treat the contestants horribly, and Alton Brown is mean and its a waste of his potential. Alton needs his own travel show , or more episodes of Good Eats, he has so much knowledge and I am sorry but the producers of Food Network have done him a disservice through not giving him these kinds of opportunities. Also, I have noticed that Food Network is trying to turn itself into the food version of reality shows which last I checked is not the point of the network. The cooking channel is an ok substitution but it could leave something to be desired sometimes too. As far as the Bravo Channel goes it has hits and missed but the thing is it is know for being a reality show network the only thing that bugs me is when it tries to turn shows like Top Chef into the sizzle that is The Next Food Network Star. This is not the stations purpose and honestly after last seasons top chef between the lack of quick fires, and originality and the many bad judge decisions I am not sure if I will be watching that show again.  Sorry for the off tangent rant but these things have been eating at me for a while.

I think the weird thing was my intention of this post was too talk about the game, but usually what I realize through going to these events is that hanging out with this particular group of people is good about once a month or more. Any more, and well I could end up going on a rant about their attitudes or television show networks. Also, the point of me going to the game was to socialize but at the very least it helped me realize who I get along with more than others. Sorry readers for the tangentialish post but this leaves me with my question which is whether there is a group of friends you hang out with occasionally just to see how much you want to see them in the first place?