Where has all the good butternut squash soup gone?

I live in the central valley, the produce center of California. One would think I could find a good brand of butternut squash soup already made that does not taste horrible. I am sorely mistaken the Campbell’s stuff used to up to par not so much anymore, the soup at Whole Foods cost up to seven dollars and seems to be geared towards people with very specific needs. Fresh and Easy used to have the best butternut squash soup at a decent price even but I guess that stopped using their supplier and I can’t seem to find it any where. I have even tried the Panera butternut squash to soup but I would only say that it is okay and I would not have it once a month if given the opportunity, even though I love their sandwiches, baked goods and some of their other soups. I know, you are thinking why is this person caring so much at butternut squash soup.

Well, the thing between my new job and hardly seeing my so and trying to improve my life, that soup was one of the few good things I had to look forward to when I was sick or had a crappy day.  I remember when I had just finished my masters thesis and was sick for a month and I lived off Fresh and Easy’s butternut squash soup and rosemary rolls. To top it off since I am still trying to diet and lose weight this soup is low in carbohydrates and good for you.

Don’t you have one of those foods that even when nothing is going your way that at least that is a consistent thing in your life that you could always depend on to some extent. Well, that was this soup for me.

I know I should just woman up and make the soup from scratch but considering I am grateful to have the energy to make salads at home, at salads at home since it is the one of the few times during the day I can be creative and nothing is dictated to me about how I organized my salads, or how much of a mess I make while making it and it still looks pretty and taste good by the end of the day than I am happy.  I guess for me food like soup or salads seems to reveal how I would like some control in my life in a world where their is very little that one can control in the first place.

So readers this leaves me wondering should I continue my quest for a good butternut squash soup or pray I find an easy recipe online that puts Fresh and Easy to shame?

Apparently I am viewed as an easy mark….

I have recently joined a networking club and so far I have had two experiences where two members have seemed to think I am easy mark for them to try to sell their wares.  My first experience involved me going to a local Panera only to get a thirty minute tirade on how I should spend five hundred dollars to start my own business. Soon after this experience I got out of their as quickly as I could and made a decision from that point forward to ignore the member who had suggested I join this multilevel marketing scheme.  I will be civil to this person but I do not like them since while waiting for this thirty minute introduction I learned more about them than I ever wanted to know, and that sort of jaded me from wanting to get to know them any further.
My next experience was not as bad but  as I was trying to taking notes during a workshop one of the fellow members in the club asked me if I was open to my opportunities job wise. I was then given a business card and website to visit. I visited this website only to view a video about something was probably too good to be true and that also looked like a marketing scheme.  It is these experiences that have me wondering if I have the word rube stamped on my head and no one told me.  Also the point of the place I just joined is to network and make good contacts.
But how do you deal with people you have figured out the hard way you do not want to network with even if you see them on a weekly to monthly basis?  I think it could be because I am one of the youngest members in the club or they figure I am desperate for money so they think I will get involved in sales to make a buck.  I am sorry to disappoint them but I would like to be able to sell myself through a resume and interview and work hard for my money through an actual job.  So this has me asking the blog-sphere have you ever had people you did not very well think you were an easy mark for some sort of marketing scheme, and if so did you ever do anything about it to show/tell them otherwise?