Networking is supposed to be about actually "networking" right…

    Alright, so tonight I went to a “networking” event if you can even it call it that is another thing in general. I say this because at this “event” it was filled with loud music, loud talking, very little space, you were lucky if you could hear yourself talk much less think.  So how is someone who has not gone to that many of  these networking events supposed to talk with people, much less have stimulating conversation with them.
Also to add insult to injury where networking events these places are known for having free food usually as soon as you arrive, their was nothing until an hour or so into the event and the people who were holding the event tried to get you to buy what they were selling.  So this event disappointed on many levels, leaving me tired, hungry, nervous and very annoyed. This also has me asking are all networking events supposed to be like this?
Furthermore, if they are how are people like me who are introverted, and mildly shy and usually like to pick our moments when joining a conversation supposed to thrive in this type of environment.  This environment that was made harder by the fact that most people were already in cliques and sitting down with people they already knew.  This event just gave me high school flashbacks, and not the good kind.  I thought when people became adults that this high school mentality died down with them.  I was so wrong.  So to all the introverts, nerds, extroverts out there how do you deal when a situation is not all what you expected or when it has been reduced to a mini highschool?   “My Golden rule of networking is simple. Don’t keep score”.
Harvey McKay

Murder she wrote and the art of networking….

Well along with being a total nerd I am also obsessed with most mystery shows such as “Elementary”, “Sherlock”, “Castle”, and “Murder She Wrote”.  Most nights to fall asleep rather than watching mind bending Fringe I will watch Murder she wrote because its slow paced and character driven in comparison to most other television shows.  One thing I have learned over the past couple months of watching “Murder She Wrote” is that she is an excellent at networking. She keeps in contact with her past students, publishers, and friends from high school. Please bear in mind in this fictional world she is a busy write with books tours, lecturing in colleges and high schools, and occasionally trying to take vacations when she is done with a novel.  Also no matter where she is she is always friendly to people and acts like she has known them for years even if she just met them.  I think this gregarious behavior that I have come to admire could be applicable in terms of actual networking.
I say this because I am still working on my networking skills I have yet to be able to start random conversations with people I hardly know, truth to be told I sometimes I have a hard time carrying on a conversation with people I have known for years because their is a) nothing to talk about or b) its hard to come up a conversation topic one can debate or talk about for hours.  However, as I try to slowly increase my networking circle the introvert that I am I have learned to talk with people without interrogating them, and have even bonded with some of my CVP members this way.  I think my issue is I need to get over my hurdle of being nervous around others and make more of an effort to discover peoples interests, like, dislikes and try to find some common ground.  Furthermore I need to improve with my follow up, I do it with my friends because well I want to see them, and when you meet someone who gets you and your neurosis and is still ok with it, then you are not about to leave that.  Also with these people I can joke and laugh for hours and time seems to fly by.
I need to try to apply the way I act towards friends towards other people. I need to take a JB approach to network through being nice to all people I see whether I know them or not, and to keep in contact with those people who I like and have some common interest or bond with. Alright, so my question for this blog is if any of my readers have learned anything about networking from a television show, or did they pick it up through actually going to networking events, etc?

So tell me about yourself…

I was watching this show called “The Middle” and one of the characters Frankie was asked to tell the interview who is Frankie?  The same question has also been asked in the “Nanny Diaries” and the main character gets so freaked out by this question she runs out of the room.  Also as a job seeker this is a question that even stumps me and today as I went to my last workshop while looking for work I learned about this website called Reach 360 which is supposed to help you  figure out how you view yourself and how others view you. I think the reason this is such a tough question is because one does not want to seem like they are pandering to the interviewer while at the same trying to be their natural authentic self whoever that is.
Their also is a philosophical outer laying to this question such as how well do we know ourselves and how well do other people know us?  I think this question of tell me about yourself just leads to other questions that some people might be too scared or in denial to answer. For me the only reason I guess this question is an issue is I keep on getting older and the world keeps on  becoming more fast paced, it becomes harder to answer this question. Also most people can find out this information through most social networking sites making it even harder for people to interact with others face to face.
Also my last interview was a while ago so I am very rusty with giving in answer that is both authentic and some what rehearsed because I already feel like a nervous wreck. An interview seems to me to be like a first date where wants to put their best foot forward and be honest while at the same time not revealing every little detail about your personal life. Now you need to keep in mind I haven’t had a first date in over a decade but my assumption is that nervousness and worry one faces during the first initial meeting of someone new has not changed since then. I think it is because of these many reason that the question tell me about yourself is such a toughie. Considering I just spent this past post giving the many reasons that people avoid this question, even me. Truth be told even after all this reflecting I am still not sure how to answer this question.