The journey for independence…

   Well, I have recently become unemployed from a job that I was working about three months. The thing is that I am 28 years old and I live at home like most college graduates or graduated graduate students in this recession because trying to move out on your own is expensive.  Also, while working where I was it felt like it made a dent on most of my friendships and relationships.  Furthermore, the place I was working was just not a good “fit” for me. I was actually relieved when I became unemployed because it felt like I got my life back.
Well, apparently what I had thought was wrong, I don’t know if any other people my age or going through this where your parent wants to know everything going on with your life every damm hour of the day. Today I engaged in a one sided version of 20 questions where I was grilled about the time I was spending looking for work and how it wasn’t enough.  I didn’t say anything in response because frankly I did not want to and I am thinking if my parents ever want me to become an independent person leaving me alone would be a good thing. The last time I was unemployed I had this same sort of micromanaging and its not like I don’t want to look for work. I would like to find a job where I am happy and don’t dread going everyday.  I would like to be strategic and set up the right moves so I am not put into a checkmate.
I just wanted to do things slowly and recover from everything that happened. Also I wanted to do things differently such as being more involved in work organizations, volunteering, networking, and applying for jobs with all my free time. I just want my life back but I would like to have fun at the same time such as catching up with friends, working on my relationship with my bf, catching up on reading, listening to music and if time allows watching a movie.  I want my life back or some semblance of it but I would still like to be a self sufficient person at the same time or work towards being that self sufficient person.  I am just wondering why I can’t do both or why I have to do just one.  I am wondering readers out there if you are facing these same sort of job and economic conundrums?