Is it unemployment or leprosy…

    I have been pondering while if unemployment is the leprosy to those that are employed in the same way that single people were viewed in sex and the city (not to imply that single people are lepers I think all my single friends are awesome).  I am beginning to wondering if a lack of work is like a disease no one wants to catch. I say this because of the many articles I have read about those being unemployed for more than six months and not getting hired because they have not been working those past six months, even if they have been actively looking for work.
This is a problem that is further impacted by companies looking for the elusive purple squirrel of a job candidate that may or may not exist. A search that could resist in many interviews and no actually behind hired for the position that is being sought since companies are too nervous in this company to given some people a try with the fear that it won’t work out in the end.
This all seems too much like a catch-22 to me, if you are unemployed you are not hire-able and after a certain point have the plague to some employers.  While, if you are an employer seeking workers their are some really high standards that might not even be met by the unicorn equivalent of job candidates.  This leaves people in a situation where a portion of society is looking for work, and another portion may or may not hire new workers.
I think part of this puzzle could be solved if unemployed workers could be given a shot by some employers to become part of the workforce, so they did not feel like they were the carton of milk that was expired that no one wants to touch much less drink. I have heard some talk of programs where some companies would subsidize some of the wages for companies so that they could hire those who had been unemployed for a long period of time. I am not sure if this will ever happen or not, but its a good start, and gives confidence to those of us who feel like lepers compared to those who are gainfully employed.  So for those who are unemployed or not, what do you think about this employment conundrum that this country if facing?