Job interviews..

Well, for the past couple months one good thing has been happening I have been getting interviewed. The weird thing is that it feels like a bad version of dating except the employer is the person you hope will date/hire you and you have to display your best behavior no matter what.  This being showed by dressing to impress, showing up on time if not early, and knowing anything and everything about the company you are applying for.  However, this could be hindered based on how awkward the interview goes.

I have had interviews where I hit off with the employer and at the very least was on the short list to be called back to be hired in the future.  In another interview I had the manager did all the talking, and I was glad to get a word in edgewise.  While, in one interview there seemed to be some implied bias because I had a graduate degree.  That is the thing with interviews you never know what you are going to get and neither does the manager. I always try to go to the interview with my best foot forward, and try my best and of the company wants to hire me awesome, if not hopefully their will be one in the future willing to give me a chance.  I have read that like in dating if you come of desperate an employer is usually less inclined to go for it so I try to be relaxed and go with the flow.

So to all you readers out there what sort of experiences have you had with past interviews while looking for work, were they good, bad, eh and could you tell from the beginning of it if you would clash or get along well with your potential future manager?