The search for employment aka as "Hunger Games"

      As of recently I have been applying for most government jobs because they pay well and they are expected to train you pretty thoroughly before you start a position, and also for most government positions if you have a bachelors degree it matters to some extent. I recently had my application accepted for a government position and was thrilled to know that I would get to take the written test to find out if I would make it to the interview process. Also to prepare myself I looked up online what would be on the civil service test for the job so I would at least be mildly prepared at the time of the test.
When, I showed up to where the test was going to be taken their was a line of people, and while I was sitting to wait for our test booklets I guessed that their were at least 100 people taking a test for two departments that were each hiring one person for each of their departments.  This is not a good ratio 100 people taking a test for two positions, I do not like these odds.  Also, I happened to over hear one person who I think for worked for the county saying that they will pick the top seven scores to interview for these two positions. This test is basically used as a smart weeding out tool to determine who to interview and who would be best for these jobs.
This whole situation made me think of the “Hunger Games” series where Katniss constantly has to use various strategies and get a one up on her opponents during these games. Also, I know that I am not the only unemployed person where I live since our unemployment is about 11 to 12% when I last checked it, and I am sure that is not including those who have given up looking for work, or who have been unemployed for the past couple years.  So, I think in my situation is was more like “Hunger Games” magnified combined with feeling like its Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest and the odds are ever not in my favor.
This has me wondering though if this is how I feel after being unemployed for the past month, imagine how other people feel. Also it had me thinking what are the new tools that job seekers need out there to survive in this dog eat dog world where its about if you already have the skills to do the job, and to some extent about who you know?“Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t waste energy trying to cover up failure. Learn from your failures and go on to the next challenge. It’s OK to fail. If you’re not failing, you’re not growing.” –H. Stanley Judd 

Hunger games..a tale of survival

     I know readers I planned to give you a review of A Tale of Two Cities, but I got addicted to Hunger games the 1st book , and then I lost and found the  Tale of Two Cities book. Also, please forgive me but this Hunger games series seems like it will be very addicting. My new game plan is to read other books, while I wait ever so impatiently to finish the dystopian hunger games series.  Also for me this first book seemed more relevant to my life and my own survival. Furthermore, it is easy to relate to our heroine Katniss who while aloof and emotionally stunted in some way but  is an excellent hunter who generally cares about her friends and family. I can relate with her because I have been a tomboy since I was 5 , I generally don’t like wearing pink, and I grew up playing basketball and video games. On the other hand I also bought barbies and had crushes on boys. I also like her am emotionally stunted in my own ways being a commitment-a-phobe who is not prone to let people into my life. Let me put it to you readers this way when my bf said he loved me, lets just say it took me some to respond and reciprocate said response.  This fear of letting people in can be seen with Katniss through out the book with Peeta when we never know if she actually cares for him or if she is just doing it to survive in the games, and make sure that both of them don’t die.
However, even with this fatal flaw, Katniss has the strong character of doing whatever she needs to survive. I am sure this a feeling we can all relate to as people take on more jobs to make ends meet, or try to take on less loans to make it debt free out of college. This can also be applied to food as more and more money in this economy is getting you less food, even with bargain hunting, coupons, and farmers markets. This is also apt by all the non-profit organizations trying to feed America. I even see this where I live which to me seems to be a combination of District 11 and 12 from the book. We have a big emphasis on agriculture and fresh produce while still providing produce to a majority of CA and the world. I think we have some of District 12 as their are homeless people on the street, a high unemployment rate and people going hungry. I don’t know whether I should call this reality or the side effects of a recession that has been going on for years. (spoiler alert)
But negative real events aside, horrible things that happen in the book such as Katniss rivals turning into Mutts (which is never explained) , her murdering one guy to survive and trying to play chicken with game makers until the very end, she does this with the end goal to survive and make it to her sister Primm who she loves more than life itself. Even though Peeta and her survive,the end is weird though with capital members thinking that she was mocking them through her fake out of having her and Peeta kill themselves with the deadly berries, even if this was not her intention. I might not have more to say on their totalitarian government until I have read the other books. All it makes me question is how much Katniss has in her life? and how much we have in our own lives?