Redifing gender roles…

Alright so for the past couple days my mom has been sick which sucks since work has been kicking my butt as usual. But I have been trying to pull my weight around the house by helping with dishes or whatever I can reasonably do and still get enough sleep for work. The thing is our family really needed to go grocery shopping and my step bro said that he would not be able to do this because he had suddenly decided that he was writing a horror novel. Also, the one night he could have helped he was writing his “novel”. This same guy won’t help with dishes because of his skin issues. I think this irks because even when unemployed or working I have helped with dishes, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. While, he decides now to become a writer so obviously he cannot be disturbed and my parents also said nothing when he spent his whole time playing league of legends.

I am just wondering if I have walked into a time machine into the 1950’s in which the boys plays games all days and the woman do all the house work on top of their own job. The weird thing is my dad who would be defined as a guys guy is participating in a Christmas cookie exchange and this is not a man who typically bakes and this would be seen as a typically female activity.  Also, my dad is making cookies with a packaged mix but its the thought that counts and he is the only man participating in this cookie exchange. This just makes me wonder when it comes to a man’s gender roles should men behave like my dad or more like my step brother?

Also, does he have to be one or the other can he both, I just think men like women need to be malleable about their gender roles in and outside of the household. For instance, I have a step dad who does the laundry, and the same step brother is obsessed with brand name cologne and making sure he wears lotion and I am pretty sure spends more time on his hair than I do.

In a world where the man are taking on the supposed “female/girly” activities, and women are becoming their own boss and taking over the world, where do one’s gender roles in society begin and end?