Hot chicken sandwiches, the fair weathered friends of food

So when it comes to friendships, I tend to be a masochist, and am usually the one making all the effort some of the time. With these people I usually throw my hands up in ire or try to forget about them. To me these people are like hot chicken sandwiches from chick fil-a taste good at first and clear your sinuses but are kicking your ass with their heat tell you go to bed.

The friends that are there for you and try to main contact these are the reliable foods that you can always depend on such as oatmeal, sandwiches, angry orchard cider, etc. You know they will be there if you ever need to contact them.

The reason for this food related ramble is because I tried to make contact with a hot chicken sandwich only to be an ignored after thought once again. I know as an adult friends of people you try to make friends with come and go, but this is just made harder with self isolation and covid since last March.

Honestly, making friends as an adult is hard enough for a socially awkward introvert as me, throw in covid where more people are depressed and lonely than ever and the odds of taking the risk to chat with someone on this trying time goes down.

Has anyone else been dealing with this sort of trying to make friends or maintain them during covid?

Xoxo, the multifaceted nerd


Awkward steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse..

So today I gave in and went to dinner with my dad.  Well, the thing is my parents are divorced so I see my dad occasionally since I tend to not live at his house. Now to get back to my point every time it is usually awkward or I am over analyzing everything he is telling me. I am a chick with daddy issues, nothing new about this trope here. The thing is every time I do see my dad it is awkward to say the least. It is awkward impart because him and I don’t have that much in common and neither of us do much to bridge that gap. My extent of trying was going to a local triple A game so him and I could have something to talk about. Him and I have different interests in television shows, religion, politics, etc. so if we have a conversation for over twenty minutes than I am impressed.

Actually most of the time I only see him once a month as a litmus test to see if I want to do it again. Also, because I would like to bond with him since my brother and him always got along when it came to sports, God, etc.  I have always been jealous of that and sadly I have a hard time being honest with him since I tend to be blunt and not to bull crap people and he seems too reserved to know how to cope with that.

Well, this experience was no different it was just uncomfortable in some instances. The one perk was that the food at Texas Roadhouse was good and the service was awesome. Also, I am pretty sure even the server could tell how not at ease me and my dad were.  Now back to the food the rolls with cinnamon butter with awesome. There onion blossom while having a kick with the peppery onions and horseradish  was delicious and could clear ones sinuses if needed.

The steak and mashed potatoes and gravy were also awesome. My only suggestions would be less butter on the veggies and to cut back on the pepper when it came to there version of the bloomin onion. I plan to come back in the future if not to finally try rib eye steak or prime rib on one of my bad eating days. The goodness of the food practically transcended the awkwardness. It went okay and won’t be seeing him again until my birthday and by then I might have more to talk to him about or if hell freezes over I will have a job or internship by then. So to all my readers how that are their any familial relations who you have a hard time connecting with in general and if so can it be helped out by really delicious food?

p.s. I will post pictures of said delicious food once I figure out how to transfer images from my phone to the computer..