Alright well this post goes out to my dream reader, as it is an in depth analysis of Gilmore Girls Season one episode six titled “Rory’s Birthday Parties”.  For me this episode is significant because it is viewed as Emily Gilmore’s  attempts to try to connect with her daughter and grand daughter.  Her first attempt is by serving “pudding” at Friday night dinner. Now, while this  might not seem significant Emily is an upper class woman which is shown when Rory comments “I have never had pudding in a crystal bowl before”(1.6).  So while it is pudding it is fancy pudding.  Lorelai even comments later when talking to Sookie about Rory’s birthday parties that “I’s sure it was some expensive form of pudding, but it was pudding none the less!”(1.6).

Emily’s second attempt to connect with younger generations is when she offers to throw Rory’s birthday party at their house that may as well be a version of a small castle.  She tells Lorelai that her and Rory will come their and have “a little party”(1.6).  She wants to do this on Friday night since this is Rory’s birthday even though Lorelai would like to celebrate her birthday that night. So Rory the “lucky” girl she is gets two parties one on Friday and Saturday night(1.6).  Even though Rory and Sookie would rather just celebrate her birthday on Friday and Rory comments “You couldn’t get her to cave”(1.6).  These parties represent a part of contention through out this entire episode.  But, this as much to do with class issues presented as the parties themselves.

But prior to these parties Emily then tries to connect with her daughter through by asking her to go shopping for Rory’s birthday present and to get something “that [Lorelai] would get her”(1.6).  The shopping trip ends of being a disaster because all the items Emily picks out show that she does not know Rory at all through the choices of a “cashmere sweater” or a “Mont Blanc pen” (1.6).  Class issues also come into play because Rory seems to be a practical middle class person these items would not be of use to her.  Lorelai even comments that when it comes to the pen that she can “put it on the desk at her law firm?”(1.6).  The many glaring differences between Rory and Emily widen more when all her classmates have to go to her birthday party or to what is coined as an “obligation party”(1.6).

Rory, even comments to her best friend Lane that “it’s bad enough that I have to see these stupid kids from Chilton everyday. But tonight? On my birthday? I have never even talked to most of them. I have only been going to this school for a couple months”(1.6). She then explains that her mom and grandma are getting along for once which is why she didn’t want to tell her about the party.  Well her explanation is that “that would be the end of the pudding”(1.6).   Pudding through out this episode seems to represent something positive happening which in this case is the peaceful detente in the case of Emily and Lorelai.  This further shown when Deans whispers to Rory “happy birthday” and she tells Lane “I’m just thinking about pudding”(1.6). In this case the positive though is about Dean and her dating, so in this case it has romantic overtones.

But, I think their is more to the pudding than just the positive undertones, this is the shows way of trying to connect people from what seem to be vastly different worlds through the magic of food.  I say this because when Rory and Lorelai are at Emily’s party for Rory’s birthday the food does not appeal to them and according to Rory ” Everything smells funny”(1.6).  While, oddly enough Emily is enchanted by Sookie’s food at Rory’s second party.  This just goes to show the effect that a food can have on a person, and that one’s class will determine the type of food served at something even as simple as a birthday party.  Finally, it shows how detached Emily is at this time from her daughter and grand daughter, even if she is trying to bridge the gap with puddings and parties.

All quotes from this episode were from http://www.gilmoregirls.org/eguide/transcripts/episode6.html

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“Veronica Mars 1.2 Credit Where Credit’s Due”

As I continue the adventure that is the many episodes of Rob Thomas “Veronica Mars” we begin at episode two, which show how class and race make a difference but in various social situations through out this episode. This all begins rather innocently with Wallace finding a flyer about a 09 er party while Veronica explains that the flyer is in code so that “undesirables, which by the way is you and me, don’t show up.” (1.2)

This party that Wallace and Veronica do not show up to is key because here we see Troy the new kid and Duncan (Veronica’s old boyfriend) talking in the car about the party.  One thing I noticed was the language of the these upper class gentleman given that Troy starts the conversation and asks Duncan are “You ready to get this party started? You ready to burn this mother down. Up, jump… the boogie.”(1.2).  Now, I am sorry to stereotype by this language sounds ghetto to me, albeit old school ghetto in this day and age.  Also, it sounds like that for young privileged white men that they are trying to sound like the same peers who despise them for being so wealthy ironically.  This is further enhanced by the fact that the rich boys of Neptune are throwing a kegger in a dog park, filled with cheap booze and make out sessions. I don’t know about anyone else but you would think as being part of a wealthy family of Neptune that the location and drinks at an underage party would be better, also their parents live in mansions so they have prime location spots just waiting to be used.

On the other side of the coin to this episode we have Weevil’s cousin Chardo was using the Echolls credit card so he could buy Logan’s new girlfriend Catlin who I guess he is her mister by treating her in the manner in which she has been accustomed. This manner being buying her a pink vespa, “limo rides, magic mountain tickets”, etc(1.2).  This action to me reveals that Chardo is literally trying to buy his way into the rich class through buying a rich girl toys and well sleeping with her. He is pimping himself to gain access to another class and to their wealth in a way.

Chardo, pays for this decision as the gang of upper class white boys proceeds to beat up him up for stealing Logan’s girlfriend from since he is the designated jerk and leader of the pack.  This beat up stops when the PCH brigade shows up in the good part of Neptune standing out like a sore thumb to stop the fight.  The white boys of the rich side of the town then leave so the PCH gang can than proceed to continue to hurt Chardo for making Weavill pay for this mistakes of stealing the credit cards and pursuing a white rich girl. He was literally punished for his bad decisions, and he lost the girl in the process to add insult to injury.

This episode to me stood out because we had rich teenagers trying to act like poor teenagers like each other and vice versa.  I also found in funny that the whole time throughout this whole debacle Veronica Mars is trying to not take sides and even trying to defend people from the “wrong side of the tracks” such as Weevil.  However Weevil seems to believe that Veronica “You think you’re this big outsider, but, push comes to shove, you’re still one of them. You still think like one of them.(1.2). I think the issue with this statement is that Weevil has official put Veronica in the box of the upper class people of the 09er zip code when really she is just trying to survive at Neptune High.  I think in this scene she does not want to think the Weevil stole credit cards to improve his motorcycle, etc while trying to get his grandma out of jail. I think her intentions are good, even if her approach needs work. For me she is the everywoman, she is not defined by her class or sex but more by her actions and trying to do good in the Neptune community as we see through out this whole season.  However, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I will further delve into the complexity of these characters in the next blog post.

Disclaimer all quotes from the show were received from http://vmtranscripts.com/ so I owe all the credit for these awesome quotes to them

“Veronica Mars” class warfare…

Well, since I have been unemployed I have been thinking  a lot about the  Rob Thomas “Veronica Mars” series. I think part of this has to do with a show that focuses on the on going battle of the haves versus the have nots. This being something I can relate to given a income disparity that seems to get continuously larger in the US.  Also, when you live somewhere that has been seen as the poorest in the United States, then you really began to feel and see the class differences. These differences are significant in the show given that Veronica herself even states in the “Pilot” that unless your dad “was the ambassador of Belgium like Shelly Pomroy’s” than being part of the popular 09 crowd was not an option. She herself was only gain access to the ivory gates because her dad was sheriff and lily was her best friend.  This changes when her dad accuses the most powerful man in town Lily Kane’s father of killing his own daughter.  This left Keith Mars and his daughter ostracized by the town and causes his own wife Lillian Mars to leave the town. I think that the by the time this show starts Veronica places herself spatially in the middle ground between the upper and lower classes.  I say this because she saves some PCH bike members in the first episode from juvenile hall by winning over the leader of the gang Weavill.  Also, she has some disgust for the rich people of Neptune herself because of Logan Echolls who picks on Veronica for her mom’s drinking habits, leaving her own daughter, and for getting his car taken away when she has a bong placed in his locker. These two events needed to be accomplished so that Veronica could save her new friend Wallace from being tapped to the flag pole again from the PCH gang when he saw them stealing alcohol while he was working a shift at Sac and Pac. One other thing I realized as these events were happening is that both Veronica and Wallace are marginalized for a variety of reasons. Veronica is reduced because she is female, petite and part of a lower class. Wallace is also not seen as significant as much as this is stereotyping because he is African American and part of the lower middle class. These examples show to me that gender, race, and class prevent these two from ever entering the hallowed halls that is being part of the popular group. Which, leaves me the to the 09ers the cream of the crop, their parents are wealthy and they have all the perks that come with it.  Now, Logan Echolls in this first episode comes off as a rich spoiled brat when he complains to Veronica that “my daddy took my t-bird away” (1.1 “Pilot”) because of Veronica putting the bong in his locker. So basically, he treats her badly and then gets mad when he gets some much needed pay back in the situation. He then proceeds to use a crowbar to destroy the tail lights on Veronica’s La Baron car and does not apologize for it. For someone who is rich in this case he exemplifies behavior that is way below his class. While, on the other side of the coin is the guy from the wrong side of the tracks Weevil who tries to get Logan to apologize to Veronica. She then tries to get him to apologize to Wallace for tapping him on the flag pole.  Weevil does not treat Veronica any better prior to this because he basically threatens to go after Wallace again unless she can get the guys in gang off scot free from stealing alcohol from sac and pac. He also gets mad at her for defending Wallace in the first place and thinks with her reputation that she must be sleeping with him. He at one point in the episode overs to show her “his”(Pilot 1.1). Even, if anything this episode showed many no matter what your class some people can still be jerks as shown through Weevil and Logan.  Also, it revealed that me that the reason has so much grit and snark as a female lead is because she has too or else she would never be able to survive in a city like Neptune where their are battles among the upper and lower classes on a daily basis.  Also, she knows is that if she ever picked a side the battle between the haves and have nots would probably just get worse.  Their are plenty of other episodes where class, race, and gender continue to define some of the characters throughout the series,but I will save that for future blogs.        

All the credit for these awesome quotes also goes to http://vmtranscripts.com/ so you guys are awesome

Commenting on fame

Since the seventeenth century people have been writing about the scandals of others.  This can be  seen through Samuel Johnson’s diary where he comments on the life and those around him. The need to talk about others is further pushed when newspapers began to comment on the personal lives of aristocrats.  This commenting becomes so prevalent in newspapers and magazines that even play writes such as F. Burney and R. Sheridan began to talk and comment on the lives of rich and famous in their satirical 1770’s plays.
Now lets fast forward 200+ years where becoming famous has become as easy as writing a blog, self publishing a novel, starting a fashion line, etc.  The ways to Warhol’s fifteen minutes of fame are numerous, but how long one will stay in the spotlight is debatable.  However, those that stick around or forever commented on by bloggers and paparazzi. If you make a bad fashion choice, or end up in a bad movie role in a movie people will know about it and comment on it.
But these days bloggers, podcasts and the common man via twitter can now voice their opinions about movies and television shows. One positive of this is that people’s opinion dictates how a story might turn out in the end in a television show.  But is this a good thing, because times even when a tiny show has become popular it can still be cancelled. The examples are numerous such as “Firefly, Dollhouse, Pushing Daisies”, etc.  However, it has been such viewers that has been able to with such things such a “Firefly” and “Veronica Mars” movies.
I think it might be a double edged sword where viewers dictate what is on television but at the same time they are not always able to do anything if a show or someone gets the axe in a television show.  (spoiler alert) A great example of this would be “Downton Abbey” where they killed off two of the main characters leaving viewers both mad and sad at the end of the third season.  The viewers had no control of this since we did not that their acting contracts had expired after three years.  So this has me wondering if people need this immediate feedback/commentary on a television show and their actors? Also is this feedback a good thing? And if it is why?
I ask this because shows like “Pretty Little Liars” and “Gossip Girl” reveal how private information being revealed in a public nature can destroy lives. In the case of “Pretty Little Liars” they are blackmailed into behaving a certain way. While in “Gossip Girl” it is very voyeuristic with others watching and analyzing your every move in the spotlight. These shows seem to be commentary themselves on how even some private information of fictional major figure heads seem be off limits in the information age. But this has me asking why these figures, what is so important about them? Why them and not anyone else? So readers I ask if you have any responses or thoughts to my many questions.