Hello My name is I am looking for work…

      These past couple networking events have taught me that people these days seemed to be defined what they are doing or not doing rather than who they are as a person. Well, it feels like it lately since all my questions are these past events have been the typical “What do you do?”.  I am not sure if I am the only one who feels this way but I don’t like being defined but what I am doing at this point in time. I would much rather be defined by my interests, like, dislikes, and how I treat you as a person.
The thing is I have a feeling that me like others are unemployed are not thrilled to be put into this little box in which we are defined by what we are not doing at this point in not working, but rather seeking work. I wish their was some other way that the unemployed population could be defined. I am not sure if this will ever change though.
My thought is that the discourse at these networking events needs to change and that the focus should be on getting to know one another rather our own personal agendas.  I say this because from what I have seen the goal seems to be very much the Jefferson’s “I am moving on up” type of scenario.  Their should be less pressure so that those of us who have a hard time interacting with a group of people might actually have a shot at the very least making some acquaintances or friends and maybe in the future a job.  I could be wrong and other networking situations might be like this I have just never experienced them up to this point.  But, for now I would like to just throw out the “I am looking for work” agenda and focus more on getting to know people, because I can do that.
These also has me wonder if other job seekers out there have faced similar issues when trying to network? If so I would love to hear about it, or if you have had awesome experiences networking with others I would like to hear about that also.

Networking is supposed to be about actually "networking" right…

    Alright, so tonight I went to a “networking” event if you can even it call it that is another thing in general. I say this because at this “event” it was filled with loud music, loud talking, very little space, you were lucky if you could hear yourself talk much less think.  So how is someone who has not gone to that many of  these networking events supposed to talk with people, much less have stimulating conversation with them.
Also to add insult to injury where networking events these places are known for having free food usually as soon as you arrive, their was nothing until an hour or so into the event and the people who were holding the event tried to get you to buy what they were selling.  So this event disappointed on many levels, leaving me tired, hungry, nervous and very annoyed. This also has me asking are all networking events supposed to be like this?
Furthermore, if they are how are people like me who are introverted, and mildly shy and usually like to pick our moments when joining a conversation supposed to thrive in this type of environment.  This environment that was made harder by the fact that most people were already in cliques and sitting down with people they already knew.  This event just gave me high school flashbacks, and not the good kind.  I thought when people became adults that this high school mentality died down with them.  I was so wrong.  So to all the introverts, nerds, extroverts out there how do you deal when a situation is not all what you expected or when it has been reduced to a mini highschool?   “My Golden rule of networking is simple. Don’t keep score”.
Harvey McKay
( http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/networking.html)

I am not sure if I have a dream…

     Alright for the networking group I am in we basically as a group with the help of a perk uplifting speaker who reminded me of a self help book in person form who wanted to help the group figure out what our ideal dream or vision was and how to get there. This for me is very confusing because I have just finished my education at least for now and their are many dreams I would like to accomplish. Also I know because I have goal or dream in mind, that does mean that A) I am good at it B) that I should be making a career out of it. I am at this point in my life where even if I have one clear cut dream and ways to get there that I need to keep my options open if I ever want to make a living and start a career of some sort.
I don’t view this as a negative thing. Also I know for any dreams that I want to happen that I am going to have to work for it. The one thing that the speaker and many of my colleagues did was give me ideas on top of my own ideas of how I was going to get there. But this is scary for me to because just because I want the dream and think I will be good at it, it does not mean that it will happen. I think my issue is that I am too much of a jaded realist and I have learned time and time again that what you plan for in life and what actually happens are two totally different things. I guess this might have been why I had a hard time buying into what the speaker was saying and thinking that if you envision it that it will happen, because life experience has taught me otherwise. So I am curious reader do think I should have taken what the speaker was saying with a grain of salt or just given this person the benefit of the doubt and tried to learn from them?