Weddings..or a circus

I know that I have not posted in a while the past couple months have been consumed with trying to graduate which I think I will be able to do by this December. But my main reason for this post was because I went to a wedding recently for my bf’s brother and it just made me realize how cookie cutter and contrived these events can be in terms of lacking originality or forethought no matter how much money or time was spent on said event. I say this because it was a fall wedding with fall decorations , the same type of flowers one is used to seeing and printed menus. The dullness of this event continue with it being a weekend wedding at night. The only original things if you can call them that were using rocks as centerpieces and using an original 80’s song for the wedding dance. This event just had me wonder when did weddings become so traditional and repetitive. Also I had to deal with the traditional wedding stress by being with a family that felt strapped for cash and unappreciative older son and all my bf got for going there was a “thanks bro” when he had taken a week off from work. All this stress however did force me to do something I never do at parties which is fast dance, I had to cut loose the stress was getting to me, and I was supposed to be a guest at this event.
Also this made me realize that to all you bride and grooms out there when planning a wedding to have someone to disseminate the basic information of the wedding or heck hire a planner so they can make an itinerary for all the guests so they know what is happening in the coming days. It was like pulling teeth to find out information for an event that had been planned six months in advance during a holiday which as far as I am concerned were the two faux pauxs of the event. The couple needed to spend more time planning and not have it during a holiday because most people have other plans and the traffic during the holidays is horrible. I get the couple is stressed and they have work and a wedding to plan but seriously they are ways to work around this, one would think.
I know this a weird thing to post about but this wedding had me wondering how fine the line was between a wedding or circus because frankly I can’t tell at this point. I mean why can’t this events be simple, creative and represent the couple without being cookie cutter. Also maybe I have been jaded by the DIY weddings one sees on blogs where the couple may have less dinero but they make the most of it. I think the cash restrictions while annoying push people to think outside the traditional box of what society and people dictate that a wedding should be. The other issue is that I did not who was pulling the strings in this wedding the bride or the family so it was hard to determine who had changed this wedding from a simple event to something bigger or more complicated than it needs to be. So readers I ask you should weddings be a major over the top event with the family stressing tell the day off or should it be a simple event with the focus being on the couple at hand and their interests?

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