the evolving friendships over the years…

I know I was planning to post about Evelina, but I think that might have to wait tell later this week. I think just after my grandma died I have begun to figure out more so who my friends are, and it is those who stick around and are there for me when I need them and vice versa. While, I know this too be true, I am just having a horrible time letting go, when I know that I should. When, I know I should not be getting angry at people that the last time I was close and knew them pretty well was as an undergrad.

I am beginning to feel like PJ from My boys when she hangs out with an old friend of her and realize how divergent their interests have become since all she wants to do is spa and club. While, PJ is into watching sports, and hanging with her guy friends at the local bar. I am beginning to feel like that some of the people I know all they want to do is play pool and drink at bars. I on the other hand do not have the stamina or brain power lately for any of these activities, also with my bad liver, I would not want to risk a couple drinks.

I just need to not get so angry about it I guess and deal with the fact that you are bound to drift apart from people over the years. Also, I would be willing to give more friendships a shot if I knew that other people would be putting effort into them also. That’s all for now, will post about Evelina later.

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