Can it be 2021 already..

Dear future self,

By the time covid is over hopefully me and many others will have figured out how to deal with the loneliness. Apparently people can be unreliable even during the worst of times.

Hopefully we will have found productive ways to spend our time that brings us joy be it a bookclub, baking, learning a new skill or language.. At the very least these tasks can distract us from the loneliness.

And to those living with significant others, good news you have someone to talk to, bad news they are probably the main person you are talking too these days. I suspect by the time this over future self that their will be many covid marriages, divorces and babies.. Future self I am beginning to think if a couple can’t make it through a pandemic when all they have mainly is each other, how will they survive a marriage..

Also, future self hopefully by the time this is over hopefully you will have figured out some of your own shit.. Hopefully you will know what you want and why you want it. Maybe everyday can stop feeling so slow, covid feels like when your staring forever at the clock that is going so slowly, waiting for the bell to ring.. Is this bell ever going to ring..

Hopefully by 2021 all of this will seem less daunting and more manageable.  Or it will get worse with my luck, who knows.


present self


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