Lately my life feels like it is stuck in perpetual limbo, I am in a job I like but don’t love, life is good not great and I have not yet left the nest at the ripe old age of I am not gonna finish that sentence. Also, I live in the central valley which is the land of limbo/ wild wild west/ tale of two cities combined I say this because there is a big dichotomy in this  town in between the haves and have nots. Also, getting a government or professional job here is like winning the lottery because it has full time and has benefits. Most, people here like in the wild wild west have to make their own way here. It is not a bad thing, even any thing it just motivates you more to do whatever you want to in life whatever that is. Which, would be great for me if I knew what that was.

So, along with trying to figure it all out, a person who I thought I was close to has not contacted me in seven months, and while this person may have been busy potential working two jobs. I have not received a call or text or anything or even a response about why they are not talking to me. Is this normal, have manners gone out the window.., at this point I would take an annoyed response about my behavior, at least then I would no where I stand. In this “friendship”, if you can even call it that tell then I am stuck in limbo trying to figure out where I stand with this person. I am curious if anyone else has gone through anything similar with say a person they have known for over a decade.

This also makes me wondering if people these days are all stuck in limbo trying to figure out their next move like a chess game.  I mean with some people and work places you know what to expect but in some these occasions behaviors and actions can befuddle some people, me included.  I think for me I would like to get out the metaphorical dentists office and have my name be called on the level of finding my calling and being called, but I hate the dentist but am not in a rush for that either…

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