Long time no blog…

I don’t know if I am happy or indifferent to report that the reason that I have not blogged for the past couple months is because I have gotten a job. I have had this job for the past couple of months and sometimes it feels like I am still learning the ropes and praying to many gods that I do not get fired because I am that paranoid.  It took me seven weeks just to feel competent and I suspect will be proving to my many higher ups that I know what I am doing and am a competent worker. However I have had a friend ask me whether this job is the right job or a good fit?  The thing is I had been unemployed for the past ten months the fact that anyone hired me at all in this town where getting a job is like winning the lotto was enough for me.

Also, I have learned when applying to places that sometimes or rather most times they will not leave you a message these days and you have to track them down just to land an interview. It was from this I realized that other places had called me and I did not receive their messages. Also, I did get lots of calls for interviews for seasonal work but I know for sure I want something that will last even it is part time, it pays the rent and I get to feel productive.

However, my life for the past couple months have been chaos as I have not been taking care of my self and have the fatty liver thing again along with high cholesterol. The good news is that I have lost 15 pounds in the the past four to five months and am half way to my goal weight of 125lbs. My hope is when I see my doctor before Christmas that I can get back on b-control because being off is throwing me and my emotions for a loop and I am more itchy than I would like to be. Also, I have a wound up nutritionist who reminds me of the mom from the George Lopez show, and has me on a strict low carb, low sugar, and low fat diet, where my one joy in life other than seeing my friends or occasionally reading is making pretty salads. My limit is 75 to 99 carbs a day which seems a bit low considering how much heavy lifting and pacing I do at work. I admit I have gone over but even when I am being good I still end up being hungry at the end of the night. I am hoping by January she loosens the reigns on my diet a bit at the very list I can be in the triple digits for carbs. It has been a crazy couple months and I am still trying to figure things out.

I have decided that two potential career choices I would like to pursue while crazy is trying to become a writer in a world where everybody can seem to become a writer and get paid for it. I would  also like to work for the EEOC to defend the little guy.  Also, when I am not working so much this week I will do a post for receiving the lovely blog award and try to catch up on my blogging 101 homework.  Sorry for this tangential blog, after this I plan to try to post more often I hope.

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