My top 5 blog follows…

Alright well I follow way more than five people and even though I have had on many more blogs to follow on my blog reader. I will tell my readers my top 5 blogs of this moment that I like to read whenever I get the chance.

1. This blog feels like it may as well describe my life, since the blogger herself is awkward and goofy and proud of it.  Also, am all for any blogger that will get a Gilmore girl reference.

2. love this blog for so many reasons it is beautifully written, he makes cogent points, and most times it feels more like I am reading an academic essay with a personal touch rather than a blog. Also, I love how he describes his search for employment and all the ups and downs and it gives hope for  the rest of us.  I was thrilled when I found out he got a job.

3. I love that this a blog that is obsessed with Amy Phoeler from Parks and Rec and Gilmore Girls as I am.   For me this blog is my pop culture haven that will occasionally inform you about important things such as net neutrality.

4. I love this blog because it gives an in-depth perspective of being unemployed on a day to day basis.

5. this is a new blog I just discovered and now want to write essays for about feminism in media and popular culture, since I am pretty sure I spent most of graduate school writing essays about this

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