What has happened with movies lately?

Alright, I know I am not the only blogger who thinks this but what is wrong with some of the movies coming out in theaters for the past couple years. We are either seeing remakes of movies or sequels to a hero or animated franchise that is very popular for example Xmen, The Avengers, Thor, Spidermen, etc. I have to ask has Hollywood ran out of ideas? Are they just sitting on their buts thinking what can we make that will take very little effort but make us copious amounts of money. I am sorry about this rant but this has been bugging me for a while.

I think part of this started when production companies decided to make remakes of teenage mutant ninja turtles, and dirty dancing. Also, as part of the annoying millennial generation I speak for some of us when I say that we want to see something original and not pay 8.75 to see a new spin on an old movie. I am sure this annoyed plenty of baby boomers potentially if their were remakes of the old movies they used to watch were coming out in the 1970’s. I mean no wonder people loved Star Wars at the time at least it was different and exciting and in space. This too me is a one trick pony that movie theaters need to stop using, unless they have a really kick ass idea to make the movie better tell then I don’t want to hear it.

Also, this makes it even harder to for one to figure out if you want to go to the movies because you don’t if it will be a sequel or a remake. Also, you spend some time debating with your loved ones on which movies to see because trying to find something new and different to watch is hard. This could be why television shows are giving movies are run for their money because their you have too much to watch if their can be such a thing and it’s hard to decide. I will say that like 25% to 50% of it is good and I am leaving reality television out of the equation because that is just scripted drama in most cases these days. (and a rant for another day)  So to all you readers out there I have to ask do you think movies have gotten worse or better? Furthermore do you think television is giving the movie business a run for their money through such means as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Direct Tv, etc?

5 thoughts on “What has happened with movies lately?

  1. While there are some independent film makers who still produce “meaningful” movies, the bottom line is the bottom line. As long as people continue to go to these remakes and sequels and sequels to sequels we will continue to be burdened by them. It’s just too expensive to take a chance on something that’s not commercially viable.


    • I think the other issue with independent films is that sometimes don’t get all the marketing that major franchises receive. For example, when Joss Whedon did Much Ado About Nothing there was not a lot of marketing for it, and was not in all national theaters. (got little marketing compared to his major film The Avengers) Also, some independent films can be made cheaply and still be tasteful. However, I would see how some production companies would be hesitant since less people are going to the movies.


  2. I totally agree – there aren’t enough good movies out there and I think most of these movies are being made because the film industry can make $$ off of them AFTER the movie is over (toys based on the movie, school supplies, clothes, etc.)


    • Yeah, I agree if it can be franchised it will be a movie. I just wish there were some more original movies out there. However, I am kind of a hypocrite because occasionally I do see these movie sequels I am just really picky about the ones I go to. My last one was despicable me 2 but that is just because I love the minions. Also, lady unemployed I love your blog, and think it is awesome.


  3. I really don’t think that the problem is that Hollywood is running out of ideas. The huge advantage of sequels is predictability. Film making is an extremely high risk business, because it’s nearly impossible to predict the amount of money a film is going to earn you. At the same time you have to invest all the money BEFORE you even start to earn a single cent. You can’t go ahead and start it slowly and increasingly invest, like you could do in other businesses. But you can estimate your future income a lot better when producing a sequel, because you know how many people watched the last movie, you know your target group, you can check how interested people are in a sequel by asking what people think about a sequel on social media etc. etc.

    So in the end it doesn’t really surprise me that a production company rather produces a sequel where it can estimate how much money it’s going to earn than to invest hundreds of millions in a movie that could end up as a complete flop.

    But I totally do agree with you that it is annoying sometimes!


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