Minimum wage warfare…

Now as many people now the minimum wage is being raised in most states so that people can stop living at the poverty level or well below it.  While, I am totally on board with this since most people with college degrees are working minimum wage jobs or those over the age of 25 are also taking these jobs to support themselves.  Which, is kind of the problem in a since most minimum wages does not give one enough to sustain oneself be it in a small town or big city it seems like in the United States.

The only con to raising the minimum wage is that their is a high probability that hours will be cut so that employers can continue to not pay for people’s health benefits. Another issue that I discovered while talking with someone I know is that it maybe means that team leaders, trainers, managers, etc. may not  receive the raises they deserve if they have been working somewhere for a couple years.  This being especially trying for places that are small business or franchises who have to pay royalty fees to the companies that they are currently franchising (ow).

But while these intentions of the government are good, their might be some negative results through this process. I say this because even though the recession is supposedly over or dying down most businesses seem to still be in a “recession” mind set in which one must cut costs as much as possible to save their bottom line.  Another possibility, was that businesses were in this mindset from the beginning it just took the recession to bring it  out of them. I am not sure.

Also, to further complicate things is that when a company raises its minimum wage than people will be clamoring to work their in a job market that is already tough to begin with in the first place.  I would know, where I live we have a 10.5% unemployment I have been on about 20 interviews and have yet to be hired anywhere. I have gotten close with a couple places but no cigar. I am going to try to take the mentality that it is not a matter of “if” I get hired but “when” ideally.  So my little ramble aside, readers out  there with these pros and cons of raising the minimum wage do you think it should be come more common in the US, yes or no? and why?



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