Being 2nd or 3rd best…

Well through out this job hunting experience the good news is my sort of generic resume has gotten me at least 10 to 15 interviews over the past five to six months. The bad news is I have yet to be hired anywhere, yet. For two of these interviews I have never been hired in the first round of hires but rather they want me to come in for the second round. I should be glad to be even considered at all considering this tough job market but it is a little bit disappointing, and I am sure it is due to a lack of experience that I am not the first pick.  For one place where I had hope they changed managers so I have to wait tell the next time this place is hiring and hope I get interviewed again. For the place I interviewed with recently get to hope the manager did not sense my disappointment me and will consider hiring me at the end of the month.

I think I am just annoyed that I keep on making the short list but am not the person to be hired and it is like I am so close but so far.  I think in the words of the Frozen song I need to just “let it go” and keep on looking for work and not put all my eggs in one basket since who knows what could change that could prevent me from being hired there at the end of the month.  I am curious if any other employed or unemployed readers have faced this where they have had interviews go really well, but were still not the top choice. If so how did you deal with it, and if you have any tips or words of wisdom I am open to hearing them.

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