My many career posibilities…

Even though I have graduate years ago, and while I still think I might want to be teacher be it in the high school or community college form, I decided I would take those many tests in college that help you determine what career would be best for you. I have to tell you readers right now I found my results hilarious.

I have no I idea where that list is as it looks like papers exploded in my room and like a frat boy lives here.  So, I will just tell you the ones I can remember that stood such as me being  a marketing director, priest, accountant, human resources manager, CPA, Credit manager, loan manager, etc. The reason I find all of these so funny is while I like working with budgets since I have been budgeting since I was 14, and even got my bf to do it, I don’t like math and love statistics. Also, in less someone found someone way to make accounting entertaining their is a very slim chance that I would actually want to learn it much less like it.  Also as far as being the priest goes I have been avoiding figuring out my own religious beliefs since I was 15 and I have no inclination to go to church, I would rather sleep in on Sunday. I would volunteer for a church if it was for a good cause or if for some reason I decided to get married in one and that is about it.  Finally, the reason I do not think I would make a good marketing director, is I am not very good at selling my self and am still working at it, and with that I would have to sell the brand of a whole company and I am having a hard enough time selling the brand of me while looking for work.

However, even with these out of left field careers I did find some that I did like and would consider such as an Employee Development specialist, Policy analysts, underwriters, archivist, playwright, analyst. I like the employee development specialist because it sounds like you get to help people find work, and I am all for work with a purpose and making a difference. I like the analysts jobs because I love analyzing things tell I am blue in the face be it television shows, books, etc, so analyzing government policy sounds like fun. I am not sure what an underwriter does but I like to write and read so I am all for that. I think I have always wanted to be a playwright but, I just never took the class, and was too scared to find out if I would be any good at it or not.

So this blog, has left me with a question for you readers, be it through unemployment, a career change whatever, has this down time had you thinking about other careers you would want to pursue other than the one you got your degree for? And if so what other careers do you want to pursue?

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