Rejecting the application before giving the person a chance…

I don’t know if this has happened to a lot of job hunters but one trend I am noticing is that if you don’t have a certain specific job history recruiters are not even giving you a second glance. Lets just say for the past couple days I have been applying to major corporations for customer service based jobs that I could do if I was trained properly but I am getting rejected because I don’t have the “proper” background.

Also, this is further a vicious circle because I am applying there to get job experience but I am being rejected because I lack the proper experience. I am wondering if other job seekers out there are encountering this catch-22?  Even with this bad news,  I am needing to stay motivated though since in a month I join the “long term unemployed” group which would be mean I would have been unemployed for six months. I am wondering if anyone else will be joining me in this group soon enough. Also, I noticed that the closer I get to joining this group, the more  I now feel like Marshall where I would be happy to put on pants in the morning.

I think that is just the thing all those unemployed want a purpose, a place to go, a place where they feel like they can make a difference in somebodies life, even if it is just to make them smile or laugh. Or in some cases people just want to feel like they make some sort of positive contribution to society. I guess for me my ideal dream position other than teaching community college would be to help those that are less fortunate have a better life be it through finding work, counseling, helping them survive the jumping through hoops that is completing community college coursework and getting an AA. I have been really wanting to pursue working for a nonprofit or a place where I just get to help people in general.  I guess my last query to you readers is have you come up with dream positions you would like to be employed in when you get hired?

6 thoughts on “Rejecting the application before giving the person a chance…

  1. I can definitely relate! I have been out of work for just about a year now (not counting my 4-month severance, before I filed for unemployment and while I wasn’t really looking…) and have applied to approximately 200 jobs, 90% of which I DID have the required experience for… and I’ve had two phone interviews and two in-person interviews from those 200 applications. I don’t know WHAT is going on but even people with “the right” experience seem to be overlooked.

    I was also trying to get into the non-profit sector after 10 years in industry, hoping to help people instead of just fatten someone’s coffers… but in Development (fundraising) they want you to have at least 4 years of experience… I have one year, from volunteering at a non-profit in their office every week, but not enough to make the career move.

    I guess I will keep volunteering, taking classes like Social Media for Non-Profits at Google, and HOPING that someday someone will hire me!


    • Thanks for the information about Google thanks to this comment I am looking into that. All I have found so far are SEO and Adwords classes. I sort of know how you feel have applied to 200+ job myself and while I have gotten interviews maybe 5% of this time and I have still not gotten hired. I know how you feel am still hoping someone will hire for me too since I have been unemployed for 5 months, which is the longest I have been unemployed so I plan to apply like crazy before I hit the 6 month mark, and more so after that. Also, good luck with the job hunt I know its tough out there since where I live we have a 12% unemployment rate.


  2. Oh boy. I’m still receiving severance payments, so I’m not quite where you are yet, but I can relate to the “happy about putting on pants” comment.

    I’ve only been out of work for a month, but there are days where I ask myself if it’s even worth getting into the shower. Keep your chin up!


  3. I was laid off nine months ago, so that would make me a member of the long-term unemployed club. I have applied for 140 jobs all over the country. Now, these are management jobs I speak of, so each application takes hours to complete and includes the writing of essays, statements of qualification and responses to supplementary questions. I’ve been starting to get a few interviews lately, so I am trying to remain hopeful.

    My best advice to use is to expand your search geographically, particularly since you reside in a high-unemployment state. Think nationwide search. Who knows? You may end up landing a great jobs in an interesting city in another part of the country.


  4. Thanks for the advice and I love your blog it is so well written and inspiring. In about 4 days I will be joining the long term unemployed club and I would love to broaden my search to outside of the state but as I am part of the boomerang generation I can’t even afford to leave the city I live in, much less the state. I have been expanding to other cities though with the hope that it will give me more options along with planning to apply to more local places when I get the chance. The thing is I am mainly looking for entry level work to get my start somewhere.


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