I am beginning to feel like stretch arm…

I know I have posted about this for, but the older I am getting the more I feel lost and that I want to regress to childhood because good lord that seemed like a simpler time. However, as I get older I am slowly learning that I need to speak up for myself and be myself and be confident in that and in someway not give a dam what others think.  It feels like I have been spending the past couple weeks defending myself, my beliefs, my education, who I am whoever that is as I try to figure out many years after I have graduated.  The need to defend myself has left me more stressed that I would dare let on, but is obvious physical because my abs have been killing me, and am pretty sure this is not just to doing the usual annoying thing that is my bra. (t.m.i I know)

My need to relieve this overwhelming stress resulted in me singing in the car with one of my friends who has a much better voice than me f.y.i, which I never do ever. The last time I ended up needing to relieve stress was when I was in Las Vegas dancing at my boyfriend’s brothers wedding for various reasons. I am like Daria in some ways because she “doesn’t hop. And doesn’t hope on floats”(“I loathe a parade” episode).  The fact that I did any of these things shows that is a rare occasion because I don’t let go that often.  The reason for the overwhelming stress, if you are asking viewers if you are out there, is because they are too many jobs too little me, a weird thing to complain about I know, other volunteer work I need to catch up and trying to have a social life.  I need said social life because my new philosophy in the hunt for employment is “just because I am unemployed doesn’t mean I can’t have fun”.

I am beginning to feel like that stretch Armstrong action figure from the nineties in which all the kids would pull the arms and legs, but sooner or later something has got to give and those limbs will fall off.  It feels like I am waiting for the limbs to fall off due to stress, I know I need to chill and take it one day at a time and exercising will help or at the very least distract me. So for those unemployed millennial or non-millennial how do you deal with having a life and looking for work?












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