When did talking to one another become an anomaly…

I have noticed a trend lately when trying to talk people on facebook and other mediums of them not responding after waiting days to months for a response. For example there is somebody I know who I hardly talk to and I messaged this person in late February will still no response. While, with someone else I know I have messaged them during the week with no response also, I even tried texting also with no reply. My attempts at actually trying to socialize even in the online world are being rebuked with a wall of radio silence.

It is this radio silence that has me wondering do people talk to each other anymore or are they too distracted with their phones or own personal lives.  I understand that we live in an ADD world where everybody is trying to do too many things at once, but people can’t take two minutes out of their day to say “hey I am busy with….enter thing here I will message you when I have time”. I wouldn’t even mind a “hey you are bugging me I don’t want to hang out or talk anymore and this why”, either way I would get an answer even if it is a negative one.  I admit I have even ignored people on facebook so I could get stuff done or so I wouldn’t have someone stressing me out about being inbetween jobs.  But I at least respond to a person in some form or another.

This just has me wondering if this a common thing in the information age where people are so lost in themselves or in some cases a really smart phone to actually want to talk to a person. People need to connect with one another or we will lose those social skills that we gained from kindergarten and all through high school. Our days will be instead trying to please the computer and app gods through looking at a computer screen, I say this as I am ironically blogging on a computer screen.  So my question to readers out there is if you have ever faced this sort of radio silence when it comes to people not responding to your messages for whatever reason, and if you did anything about it, or did you let it go?

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