the downfall of uncle harrys bagels…

I recently went to Uncle Harry’s before going to an open job interview to make sure that I would have the caffeine and carbohydrates necessary to do my best and make a good impression for the interviewer. My hope my breakfast was a decent coffee and bagel. I had been there before during my undergrad and graduate school years and they always got more order right, the people were nice, and the coffee was decent. When, I came this time the worker there did not seem all that happy or enthusiastic or she was annoyed that I did not know what I wanted to order either way and she was not in a chipper mood.

I think gave my order of a plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese and an iced vanilla latte that combined almost cost seven dollars and given that I have no income currently coming in, this did not please me. This came with further disappointed that the bagel I received was burnt and had plain cream cheese schemer.  Furthermore, the latte I had ordered tasted so bad I thought it needed to grow up to be better coffee, I have had better coffee at McDonald’s for less money, and as far as I am concerned Starbucks should be pointing and laughing it this coffee, it was joke, and sadly I did not keep all of it down. So on top of getting my order wrong, the expensive caffeinated drink tasted bad also. Below is a picture of my order from Uncle Harry’s bagels:


the disappointing breakfast

So to readers out there I ask if you had similar bad experiences at Uncle Harry’s/ or if you had good experiences and mind was just an anomaly I would like to hear about that also..

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