Are job fairs becoming obsolete?

    I have gone to job fairs over the past couple months, but the main trend I seem to notice is that employers are telling potential employees to apply online. This seems to me mildly counter productive, because why go to a job fair if you are just going to be told to apply online in the first place. It makes me wonder what is the point of going in the first place?
I know we are in an employers market and more so where I live where the unemployment is 12% which is almost double the national average.  But, this worries me if at a job fair all I mostly see are companies trying to sell you something, get you enrolled in various colleges which is good given most people need more skill sets me included, but their are very few places that are actually seeking employment.  This job fair was further hindered by the fact that most companies there hardly ever interview, hire on the spot, or doing the actual hiring for the company itself.
I think it is due to these many factors that make and me other unemployed people wonder why they are getting up at 7am to go to a one of the supposed biggest job fairs in your city only to realize that all they might get out of it is that find out which people are potentially hiring, but very places are accepting or actually want your resume. If I had known that job fairs as of late had become this much of a joke, I would have stayed home applying places, praying that the application black hole known as the internet thought I was worthy of being interviewed somewhere.
So I guess this leads me to my point of this post, what do you readers think of the job fairs in  2014? Have they become obsolete, or if they have do have any uses what are they?

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