Judging a book by its cover…

       I have applied for hundreds of positions in the past six months, occasionally to the same place multiple times.  I have learned which places I am going to be applying to online are going to be easy or hard to apply to based on their online job applications. My worst examples of trying of job application websites currently are Pet Co and Macys.
Pet Co was simple enough in the beginning but when one had to enter one’s location for past employment experience and for it would not search it for you no matter how many different terms you tried.  I had to look through thousands of locations just to find the state I live in, it was ridiculous.  I decided to forget and applied to their competitor PetsMart instead.
My only issue with the Macy’s online job application is that it has a tendency every time you to try to do that federal tax survey to say you have an error and to try again in thirty minutes. I have tried again when days have passed and still nothing has changed.  This just has me curious for companies if your planning to hire people through online applications shouldn’t you make them accessible to the people who want to work there.
I have had much better experiences at other companies such as Chipotle, McDonalds, and even the local and federal government websites. These websites at the very least are user friendly and one does not have to jump through more hoops just to apply for the position.  So, this has me wondering if any others have faced issues when trying to apply to places online?  Also, do you like me also tend to judge the company a little bit by how user friendly their job application website is?

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