Networking is supposed to be about actually "networking" right…

    Alright, so tonight I went to a “networking” event if you can even it call it that is another thing in general. I say this because at this “event” it was filled with loud music, loud talking, very little space, you were lucky if you could hear yourself talk much less think.  So how is someone who has not gone to that many of  these networking events supposed to talk with people, much less have stimulating conversation with them.
Also to add insult to injury where networking events these places are known for having free food usually as soon as you arrive, their was nothing until an hour or so into the event and the people who were holding the event tried to get you to buy what they were selling.  So this event disappointed on many levels, leaving me tired, hungry, nervous and very annoyed. This also has me asking are all networking events supposed to be like this?
Furthermore, if they are how are people like me who are introverted, and mildly shy and usually like to pick our moments when joining a conversation supposed to thrive in this type of environment.  This environment that was made harder by the fact that most people were already in cliques and sitting down with people they already knew.  This event just gave me high school flashbacks, and not the good kind.  I thought when people became adults that this high school mentality died down with them.  I was so wrong.  So to all the introverts, nerds, extroverts out there how do you deal when a situation is not all what you expected or when it has been reduced to a mini highschool?   “My Golden rule of networking is simple. Don’t keep score”.
Harvey McKay

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