The food that leaves something to be desired at seqouia brewing company

        Now I am usually a champion for any local businesses, and prior to this experience I actually had a good experience at the Sequoia brewing company. I went to go see a musical with my dad and ordered their salmon blt with a side of fruit and it was delicious and the service was spot on, we never had to call the waiter over for anything. However, in the case of this experience I was mildly disappointed.
My significant other and I decided we would eat the Sequoia brewing company since he had never been there before, and I just wanted to eat something easy on my digestive system. I had eaten prior to having lunch at the Seqouia brewing company and thought I would give  their half a sandwich and salad a try since I had not tried these items there before.  The first thing wrong was the server did not give me a choice of salads for the side salad which they are suppose to offer at least based on the menu. (if i am wrong about this readers, you can call me out on it) Also when I did get my food, I had the wrong bread  on what was called a “sandwich” was not a “sandwich” in the broadest since of the word. I got two pieces of bread with lettuce and turkey, no condiments, or tomato, or cucumber or anything else on it.  Then the final coffin on this eh experience was that the server could not leave his shift until the bill was paid for. I know that my significant other and I did come at the sort of end of lunch time and I get wanting the shift to be over but in this I felt rushed a bit.
However, even with this negative experience I can attest to this their sweet potato fries are good, along with the condiments with it, and my significant other seemed to love their hand crafted beers.  I am sort of on the fence about this place and might give them another try at some point in the future, just to see if they can prove me wrong after this “eh” experience. I think I am just one of those people who want consistency wherever I go to eat, more so now since I am unemployed so I would like to get bang for my buck.

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