Groundhog days…

      Well, I know that I have not posted lately I have been working at my first retail job. I recently got let go so my schedule has suddenly become way more open. However, being unemployed is beginning to feel like Groundhog Day  the movie because I have  gone through it repeatedly and I am still trying to get it right, if that makes any sense. This is my third time being unemployed and I am still learning from the last two. I am hoping this time I will gain more skills,  and find a job/career where I can expand my skills and meet interesting people along the way.
I am not trying to be optimistic about being unemployed but I am pretty sure it gets harder the more you go through it. Oddly enough I am in a group, where their are people their who are more jaded than me, making me wanting to act like Pollyanna in the face of adversity. This time I just feel like I am in limbo and plan to work even harder than last time to get me out limbo.
This can be shown by the fact that I have tried networking and its harder than it seems. My first event I went to was a big one and I had no clue what I was doing but I think I made a couple decent connections.  I think this was further impacted by the fact that I am introvert and I tend to better interacting one on one rather than with a whole group of people. I then tried to go another networking event that was way smaller and more compact than the other one.  This one was worse in that there was less room to move around, I had a hard enough time talking to people in a big room, how is a smaller room with limited room to move about going to help that. I am hoping by the next networking event I will be able to gauge situations and people better. I have even checked out “How to Think like Sherlock Holmes” by Maria Konnikova with the hope that this will help me better gauge people. However, I plan to think like Sherlock Holmes but without having the superiority complex that Sherlock has throughout his show. So to all readers out there how is your networking going and do you have any tips to improve at it? Also does being unemployed feel like Groudhog’s day movie to you in a way?”What if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.” (Groundhog Day quote)

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