The world of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy…

    Well for research for an English composition curriculum I am working on with a science fiction twist, with the main books and shows being discussed of the science fiction nature I decided to reread The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy with the hope of using the novel in a paper prompt.  But, since I have not read this book in many of years I had forgotten how Douglas Adams likes to screw with his reader through using satire throughout his books. Actually, I didn’t even notice it until I started reading research about his novels.
The thing is though I have been obsessed with using Douglas Adams in an English composition books because his books while light hearted and satirical always make the reader think be it philosophically, why things are the way they are in terms of government, big business, or rethinking science fiction as a genre in general because he takes some of those tropes and turns them on their head.  He is the lewis caroll of science fiction writers though with his nonsensical take on things.
I say this because I will fully admit that the events that happen in Hitchhikers specifically are all absurd or people survive due to pure coincidence and being at the right place at the right time.  I say this because Arthur dent being saved by an acquaintance to survive the earths destruction, mice ruling earth, and earth being a computer that was going to determine the question to well everything.
Which oddly enough is what you are doing by the end of the book, (spoiler alert) all the characters while alive their is no finality or sense of ending and they are on to their next adventure in space.  But, I think even after all my research I think that is what Douglas Adams wants to do is question everything or to realize after much thought and contemplation that we flawed humans have very little control over our own lives. I say this because us readers could end up like arthur dent just wanting to have a simple day and maybe some tea and before you know it earth is destroyed so an intergalacitc highway can be built.
I think Adams is also making the point in his book that little events in our lives have a big impact or are related to bigger events in the long run.  I say this because in the book if Arthur had not known Ford Perfect he might never had been alive or had the opportunity to try to be killed so many times be it through Vogons or missiles. I don’t know this is just a theory, I am just curious readers as to your thoughts on Douglas Adams book The Hithchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?

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