But I don’t want to be a crop duster…

    I have recently seen the movie “Planes” with my dad, while the plot was pretty predictable and formulaic, but it was still an entertaining movie at large. Also, the main protagonist plane was told by most of his cohorts that he could never be a plane that races and only be a crop duster.  Lately I have been feeling this way in which I have been confined into who I am and what I am supposed to be and what I am supposed be doing with my life and time. In this example, the crop duster turned it around to be the fastest race plane in the nation.
I have seemed to reach a point in my life where I have to prove to myself, my peers, and my family that I will not be a crop duster all my life.  That I can indeed be a race plane or any other plane of interest to you and be free from this confined box.  However, to do this I am going to have do more things on my own, and be more independent in the process. But this is history repeating myself I once had an English instructor at the city college I taught told me I should not teach English at the community college level. I then proceeded to go up to my Masters in English and I still plan to and want to teach English at a community college.
If I can prove her wrong, then this should be a piece of cake or pie.  I am one of those people I can’t do something I then become bound and determined to do it and what they want me to do all with a smile on my face.  So readers I ask you have you had others put you in a box in terms of your identity and what your “supposed” to be doing with your life and if so how did you get out of this box and prove them wrong?

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