A comparison of "Murder She Wrote" and "Castle"

Well, I have been watching “Murder She Wrote” off and on for the past couple months, and have become obsessed with the fictional character JB Fletcher. She is charismatic, gets along with everybody, and always seems to know how to handle situations in a fair and delicate matter.  I think her show from the 1980’s to 1990’s  might have been the beginning of mystery writers being the detectives in a television and to my knowledge I had not seen this before in any prior detective shows.  Also she has a Sherlock approach through using her powers of deduction to solve her crimes.  Murder she wrote’s first episode is even called The Murder of Sherlock Holmes.
The issue with her show is that there are very few pursued romances throughout the show. (spoiler) We learn from the first episode that she has lost her husband Frank, who is referenced to throughout the seasons.  She is pursued many times through visitors in other cities, and it seems to be hinted at the Dr. Hazelick seems to be into her.  But I think this is the point I think she is trying to show that an older woman can be independent and not needing to lean on a man, unless she wants to or he adds on to her own experiences.  This can even be shown through some of the women who seem to be having a hard time of things and tend get blamed for murders they did not commit over the seasons, while being tortured and ridiculed by some of the older men . But with Castle they go where the evidence leads, and while they tend to jump the gun about who the killer is also, not a majority of the people falsely accused for murder are female.
Another difference, is that in “Castle”, it’s all its about is the sexual tension, and the romance, and Castle through his own relationship with the mayor. This show chronicles their annoyance, friendship, and then love for one another. But, with Castle he tends to act like a child in an adult man’s body, and has very little understanding of women as shown through the many conversations with his daughter and mother. Also he like JB Fletcher but maybe for different reasons is too afraid to ever delve into a serious romantic relationship. Actually, that might be Castle’s issue he likes falling in love, and has a harder time actually maintaining the relationship. But , this show seems to focus more on romantic relationships when compared to murder she wrote.
But its not like this show does not care about the fictional murders that occur has shown between the team work between Esposito, Ryan, Laney, Beckett, and Castle to get the truth of the matter in a case. Castle is able to provide a different, albeit sometimes crazy, and conspiracy theory based approach to solving some murders. However, this always fun and keeps the viewers on their toes, because they never know what to expect from Castle.
But with both of these shows their may not be much difference in victims in both shows though, as they both show how much gender, race, and class will effect who be murdered and what their motive will be. The weird thing is that for some of these murders they were over things that could not be controlled, or because the murder is question made assumptions that were not really true.  (spoiler) I can refer to season  1 episode 3 of Castle where a model gets killed by her husband because he thinks she is cheating on him with a photographer.
These two shows, reveal how the mystery detective is viewed from an older wise women to a ruggedly handsome Rick Castle, seems to be a forward transition, but as viewers what would we rather focus on the murders or the relationships, or both.   Or I should be asking do we need both, or would one suffice?


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