My average experience at hometown buffet

I recently went to “Hometown Buffet” with my family to celebrate mothers day.  The food was average, not good, not bad never anything to rave about. When it comes to hometown buffet I know what to expect, its like an average burger place you know what you are getting.  I know that they might be known for their ribs and sliced meats.  I am still wishing they served chicken gravy, because it always tasted better than their beef gravy.
Even with these downsides “Hometown Buffet” does have some perks. For instance they now have instant coffee , slushy, and horchata machines.  Also their is a whole rack filled with condiments to add to your food. Even with my expectations and these now added perks, the one thing that disappointed me this time when I went to hometown buffet was the service. The last time we were their are plates were cleared every couple plates. This time by the end of the meal, none of our plates were cleared at all.
This too me is a sign that either that the local is understaffed or that our table was not a priority at the time. The reason this was such a faux pas to me is because no one wants to see their mostly eaten food when they are trying to eat a meal. I know, I don’t anyway.  So readers I have to ask if you have had any better or worse eating experiences at “Hometown Buffet”?

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