This whole debate is garbage…

I am currently residing in a city where there is a huge debate about who should be providing the garbage services for the city. Our mayor wants to switch over to a private corporation for garbage disposal services and will provide fees to help keep our broke city afloat.  The issue is that the city where I live has a unemployment rate lower than the states and I am all for public workers keeping their jobs rather than standing in line for  food stamps or unemployment.  The mayor last December was able to pass a bill to let the private corporations take over the garbage disposals for the city. The people of my city were not happy about this and neither was I.
So their was a local petition started so that the people could have a say as to who does their garbage disposal services.  This then has made a bill that will be voted on June 4th, and the people will decide what they want. I think the reason the mayors public is annoyed by her trying to pull a fast one is that we had no say in who would be doing our garbage disposal services. Furthermore, she is getting rid of jobs in a city with an already high unemployment rate which to me seems dumb on her part.  Also with the privatization of their garbage disposal service people don’t know if their rates will be raised, how good the service will be, or any of a variety of factors.  Also the public service that is currently in place people seem to like and it has served us well for over a decade.
Finally, I think people are more comfortable with the evil they know, compared to the evil they don’t.  While, I am for this service not being privatized, I can understand the city needing the funds, but all this has me thinking is that there has to be another way. If people can raise over millions of dollars to start a Veronica Mars movie, people would certainly raise money to invest in our fair city. My ultimatum to our lovely mayor is to please find another way to make up for the lost money in the budget that does not involve pissing off your constituency.  So readers I have to ask what to do you think privatize the business, or keep it with the same public service that has gotten good ratings and that the people are rooting for?

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