The power of silence…

      I have been an introvert, well since I can remember, at least high school.  However, the problem with being an introvert to others is that I tend to be more silent this most.  This could be seen as a good or bad thing to others. For instance, when I was little when I was silent my mom knew something had gone wrong, compared to when I was talking to myself which was often. I still do today, old habits die hard, and I think if helps me process things when I ever I have a problem to face and am need of a solution.  But this quirk aside, in general I can be a silent person.
   This could mean one of two things, either that I am annoyed at you and would rather not voice it or that I am thinking or reflecting about things in my life.  But I think silence can do more than this it can speak  volumes so to speak about a persons response. For example in a television show most times silence signifies that you have done the thing you have just been accused of.  However, it can be used in novels as a way to stand your guard and defend yourself in a sense.  This lack of response shows your response.  This is seen most commonly with female characters who are unable to have a voice against family members so they resort to the defense of silence.
    I know that silence does not seem like much of a defense, but when a repressed character feels like they can’t say anything all they have to depend on is silence. 

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