The discoveries made through grief…

    I have been talking with various people lately and it has had me think about how much grief can change a person and those around you. For instance when a relative dies you begin to discover your true friends by those that are those for you, and by those who would rather you leave you in the dust be it due to denial or other reasons.  I have experienced grief many times through losing a boss, grandpa, and grandma. While, these experiences have not thrilled me I think they have made me stronger and made me want to make the most out of my life.
    However, as television can show us grief can have both negative and positive effects on a person. For instance in the show “Everwood”, the grief of losing the mother figure gives the family a chance to come together and for the father and son to bond. However, when it comes to the show “Revenge” Emily’s this sadness over the loss of her father is used a tool for anger and to enact revenge on her father for those that destroyed his life. But in the case of “Murder She Wrote” she shows the grief of her losing her husband making her a busy woman because she does not want to think about the soul mate she lost. Also, I think this holds her back because throughout the show from what I have seen she has never pursued a relationship with any of the older men on the show. This I think also has another purpose, which I think I can save for another blog post.  Also this has me wondering if someone dies if someones reaction to it is how they really are, or if its the sadness, anger, depression, and denial talking?
      I think it could be a bit of both. I say this because when my Grandma died I wanted to hide under my bed and cry for weeks on end. I knew this was not an option I had a thesis to edit and finish and I had to keep living life as a graduate student. I was a wreck for the first couple months after I couldn’t even look at her picture from the program at her wake. I think I was more sad that I couldn’t be at her side to tell her how much I loved her, I was never given the opportunity since she was cremated and had not left a will about what she wanted to happen to her body when she died. I still can’t get myself to look at her picture, but even with the woulda, coulda, shouldas I think about the good memories we did have together. 
      Ok, now to stop myself from crying, readers I have to ask how have you dealt or deal with sadness such a family member or friend dying? Also what do you when those that you are close to have experienced a death of someone close to them? 

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