The importance of coffee

I was recently watching a Jerry Seinfeld series about how he goes to have coffee with other well famous people. But one good point he made in an episode where he was chatting with Larry David “Seinfeld” creator is that coffee is short, sweet, and one is still able to socialize. Actually, for me it has been my go to thing if I am just getting to know some one. I think my rational is even if doesn’t go well, then at least I can drown the day in coffee.  Actually I was hanging out with someone who I ran into a Starbucks, and got his phone number and have been friends ever since.
I also went with him tonight to just grab some coffee at a Starbucks and catch up with one another, since both of our schedules have been well busy.  However, this hang out session tonight and the Jerry Seinfeld show I watched sort of made me have an epiphany about what a social glue coffee is. This can even be seen in television shows such as “Gilmore Girls” during the breakfast scenes they order their meals and catch up with each others lives over coffee.  This can even be seen in “Castle” because its a social connector between Castle, Beckett, Espisito and Ryan.
While, I think using coffee for a social lubricant is important, it could also cause strife based on how you drink your coffee. I say that because of their are those of use who prefer to add cream and sugar to our coffee. There, are also those who think an espresso is fine as it without the bells and whistles.  This debate could be further categorized by the place one is having coffee, if you go to a national corporation people might think your a lemming, while in other places it could be viewed that you are either well off, or a hipster, depending on the mood and location of the coffee house.  Who knew their could be all this debate over a cup of joe?

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