The need for stuff…..

I sadly since January have been trying to clean out my room of all the books, magazine, etc. that I have accumulate since making it through my undergraduate and graduate years. You do not  realize how much stuff you have until you spend an hour or so every week clean parts of your room for three months straight. However, my room while now stuffed with less stuff and mildly clean went through a major overhaul because it has been taken over by aunts. I even got so desperate as to move by bed and clean under there.  Sadly, I am still not done I still have to go through some things I have organized and find more things to toss, sell, or find a place for. It also has many thinking about an old Gilmore Girls episode from season four where Rory comments “Stuff! And it’s your fault. You inculcated into me a tolerance for rampant consumerism”.
This sums up perfectly how I feel since it has me wonder why people, me included feel the need to accumulate so many things that they take over your room entirely. I oddly enough have picked up some of my dads minimalistic tendencies to occasionally have a clean space given that most days I am okay with working  in organized chaos.  This ritual cleaning has me think though about applying my situation to people in general who feel the need to accumulate until they have no more room to sleep in their bed, or worse turn into hoarders.
The common factor in this scenario is items because once you have got an item you have to figure out what you are going to do with it, and what you are going to do when you are done with it be it toss it, recycle it, or give it to someone else.  I also think that their are so many options out  there for products that it easy to accumulate products whether they are cheap or expensive.  Another part is  that their are people out their who either A) like to collect items or B) discover the hard ways that they need beauty products, etc that are not expendable and help them maintain their current appearance.  My finally thought is if people buy items is it because they need them or because they want them?

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