The return of the nerds and very odd references….

    Well let me preface this post by saying that I am a total nerd and our group of people as seems to be underrepresented and put down since the 1980’s. Oddly enough my defense for this is most television shows such as “Family Matters”, or “Saved by the Bell” was the nerd was always picked on or not seen as “cool”.  I never had a problem with this I guess because these nerds were either A) full of themselves in the case of Urkel in some situations or B) did not care what others thought of them as in such cases of  “Revenge of the Nerds” in which we were able to fight back.  Also I have been a nerd, geek, whatever since junior high so I was very comfortable with my identity even other people thought I was weird it was an identity that I become accustomed too.
    However, the odd thing is that over time nerds through television and in life have become “popular”.  One change we can see towards this point of view is was through a movie I was watching last night called “Can’t Hardly Wait” in which the nerd becomes rich and is dating a super model.   A further indication of this can been in “Gilmore Girls” with Rory she might be a geek but she has a support system through her mother and the whole town of stars hollow. I think the nerd popularity really began to flourish through the show “The Big Bang Theory” because this showed nerds whole while they may have been picked on they were very successful and social people.
   But it was from this show and many others we discover that their are various types of nerds such as the foodies, the D and D fans, the video game nerds, manga etc. While I am sure many of us nerds and geeks have various interests that we like to stay updated on in my case it would be food, fashion, books, and most television shows.  So I guess this whole post leads me to ask you readers what type(s) of nerd are you and why?

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