So tell me about yourself…

I was watching this show called “The Middle” and one of the characters Frankie was asked to tell the interview who is Frankie?  The same question has also been asked in the “Nanny Diaries” and the main character gets so freaked out by this question she runs out of the room.  Also as a job seeker this is a question that even stumps me and today as I went to my last workshop while looking for work I learned about this website called Reach 360 which is supposed to help you  figure out how you view yourself and how others view you. I think the reason this is such a tough question is because one does not want to seem like they are pandering to the interviewer while at the same trying to be their natural authentic self whoever that is.
Their also is a philosophical outer laying to this question such as how well do we know ourselves and how well do other people know us?  I think this question of tell me about yourself just leads to other questions that some people might be too scared or in denial to answer. For me the only reason I guess this question is an issue is I keep on getting older and the world keeps on  becoming more fast paced, it becomes harder to answer this question. Also most people can find out this information through most social networking sites making it even harder for people to interact with others face to face.
Also my last interview was a while ago so I am very rusty with giving in answer that is both authentic and some what rehearsed because I already feel like a nervous wreck. An interview seems to me to be like a first date where wants to put their best foot forward and be honest while at the same time not revealing every little detail about your personal life. Now you need to keep in mind I haven’t had a first date in over a decade but my assumption is that nervousness and worry one faces during the first initial meeting of someone new has not changed since then. I think it is because of these many reason that the question tell me about yourself is such a toughie. Considering I just spent this past post giving the many reasons that people avoid this question, even me. Truth be told even after all this reflecting I am still not sure how to answer this question.

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