Whats love got to do with it?

Not to be tangential but while I was in the car with a friend of mine, he started complaining about having to write articles about masturbation, oddly enough for a blog. I then started asking him about the types of sex he had to do articles for this blog and how in-depth he had to go. This then he led me to ask if they had to do any articles about relationships. The funny thing was that this person liked to write more articles about relationships then sex. I find this funny because one assumes that as a men that writing about sex would be more interesting than say relationships. However this person does not meet the stereotype at all given that prior to being a man they were a woman, which add a whole new layer this conversation.
Also it had me thinking about on views of sex and relationships and  strangely enough as a woman sometimes I care more about sex. I view sex though as the means to help the relationship flourish and keep things going. I also view the relationship as important for being able to talk to one another, laugh, and maintain intimacy.  This debate just has me wondering what matters more the sex or the relationship or are they both integral to maintain what would be deemed as a normal relationship. I am not sure about this as the sex and the relationship for me tend to bleed into one another. This is also a question of mine because in this hookup dating culture that has tended to permeate the younger generation in which giving and getting head seems to be part of the first date ritual, and the view of  old fashioned courtship seems to be an outdated method. I am just basing this off of horror stories about first and second date stories that I have heard from various friends and acquaintances who will remain anonymous.  So I ask you readers should I even be debating the value of sex and relationships or is it like comparing apples and oranges?

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