Stuck in a world between old and young, while emotionally eating all the while

   My worlds have become very opposite in my work world I feel too old compared to my colleagues who are trying to finish their BA degrees while in my networking group I think I am viewed as one of the young ones so far. I have not made it to a monthly meeting of the networking group so I won’t have a good idea about how many “young” people are in the group tell then.  So far I have only counted two me and one other person. Also in dealing with the stress of hunting for a job and joining job groups I have been emotionally and stress eating and for someone who has been trying to lose weight for way too long this is not a good idea. I have noticed I get started and then something happens and I return to my bad habits.
    Well at least I am noticing a pattern. My plan tomorrow is to at least go back to counting calories. I plan to include exercise when my schedule is more routine tell then I will probably walking every day at least. Also I need to continue avoiding the scale for a while because I saw the numbers this morning and I was not happy. I am  edging way too close to what I weighed before. At least with yoga last semester I was able to maintain my weight.
   I think in trying to lose weight and get a job the stress of it all is telling me is I need to find more healthy ways to deal with stress no matter how little or big. So that way I can lose weight and have an income. I need more impulse control. I am hoping once I have adjusted to a “schedule” of some sorts that I will have an easier time with the job hunting and losing weight. Readers any thoughts to accomplish any of these small goals would be much appreciated…

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