The quarter life crisis as seen in “Take Me Home Tonight”

      I couldn’t sleep as per usual so I decided to stay up and watch a movie on Netflix. The movie I decided to watch was Take me home tonight, which I thought would remind me of other 1980’s movies given that I have seen all the romcom classics For Keeps?, The Breakfast club, Some Kind of wonderful, Say Anything, etc.. However, even though this movie was placed in the 80’s it came out on Mar. 4th, 2011. But this movie revealed the crisis facing those who have just graduated or those who have graduated years ago. I know this feeling, you have just finished your BA or BS, or were fired from a job you never liked in the first place. You have no clue what you are going to do or where you are going to be this job for your career whatever that is.
Through the main characters in this film we were able to see this quarter life crisis of those who have no idea what the future holds. Now, I am sure for most people in their 20’s this would be a bad thing, I however to believe to be a good thing, the world is your oyster and anything is possible. But, the prospect of this is terrifying to anyone, I can relate I plan to get my MA in English within the year and I have no idea what will happen after words, yet this thrills and excites me all at the same time. I think was necessary to see through Trish and Matt the main couple through this movie, that it is ok to not know what will happen in the future. Their relationship was further enhanced by the fun and light hearted songs such as the safety dance and “Come on Eileen” by the Proclaimers. I think these characters are like Ted from HIMYM and they need to realize that is not the destination that matters but that the journey is half the fun.
But this hard to do as people in their 20s when they realize that when they hit 28 and if they go to a high school reunion people will be asking what they are doing  with their lives, and they will have to give an answer to that very annoying question. I think people especially people in their 20s like me fear not knowing the answer to this question. I know I do, heck I would probably avoid a reunion just to avoid this question in the first place.  I think maybe this movie is just trying to teach their viewers to shoot for something, even if they don’t know what that something is yet.

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