Change is good…

       Well, I know that I have called this blog the bookworm for a while but it took me a while how much I have limiting in myself in what I post on this blog. Also as many readers have noticed I have been going through a reading dry spell that I am still trying to recover from and try to get back into reading small books, much less anything else. I have decided to change this title so I can have the freedom to post about the many things of interest to me such as tv shows, movies, cooking and possibly fashion. Also I can be very ADD so I figure if I have various things to talk about every week it won’t seem so out of the ordinary. I do still plan to review books, it just might not be as often as usual.
Also I have been in a sort of post graduate funk so my hope is that through blogging and other activities I can forget about said funk. Also writing on the blog is one of my few forms of catharsis. I am one of those weird people when I get into these movies I tend to re-watch a series, or movie with the hope that it will help me reevaluate a situation in a better light. Actually it was through re-watching Palladino’s Gilmore girls that I came up with this title from an episode where Rory is commenting that her mom “likes washing dishes too. She’s multi-faceted abnormal.”(1.14. That Damm Donna Reed). I figured this was applicable with my multiple nerdy interests. Well I guess this is all for now, will try to post more later.

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