Post grad life….

Well the good news is that I found that I got an A on my  masters thesis.  The bad news is as of lately I am feeling sort of lost and not sure what I am planning to do with my life post grad school. In the beginning I thought this was a good thing but apparently idle hands make me critical, add, and a little itchy whether I intend to be or not around other people and myself.  On top of my idleness I have been procrastinating stuff that I need to do such as cleaning my room, looking for work, doing the chores around the house, etc. I know how to do these things I think I have just been too mopey to do them.
These feelings make me wonder through if there are any others like me fresh out of grad school wondering what the heck do I do with my life now?? I know I would like to teach  English at a community college but just because this is what I want to do, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I would be good at it or that I should do it in the first place.  So on top of trying to achieve what I want to do I need to come up with backups in case things don’t go as planned. I have to imagine what would I like to do with my life if I wasn’t going to teach and I come up with too many options. I think the weight of everything to come is just stressing and freaking me out its like a quiet panic attack. I had panic attacks when I was a freshman I was hoping to avoid them now. I am wondering if anyone else graduating seniors or grad students are having similar mini panic attacks….Well thanks for listening readers and I hope to post reviews on books as soon as I get the chance.

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