Totally lost…

   I have been watching Bunheads for the past couple weeks and the character I find myself most able to relate to is Michelle who like me is totally lost and trying to find my way and figure things out. It feels like what I have been trying to do all summer, figure out where I want or could work, what to do when I have finished my thesis, and what friends I actually want to hang out with this summer. I have been surprised by my answers or lack of answers to these questions that I have been indirectly posing to myself all summer. I think my quandary is whether to answer said questions or to pay things by ear like I have been doing all summer.
   Also it is probably these and many excuses why I have not written any reviews about book the past couple months, life and my thesis have taken over. Also I have done the crazy thing of trying to socialize this summer it feels like I have been trying to compensate with my lack of social life in grad school over the past three months which I have since learned is crazy and impossible to accomplish. It has just been a really weird summer. Even with the very small goals I gave myself to accomplish like getting a job and many other things. I will post reviews about books when I have gotten out of whatever funk I am in long enough to finish one. Thanks for listening.

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