Matilda and the return to childhood

   I first read Matilda when I was nine years old and had very few friends in elementary school and dealing with life events of both of parents getting remarried at the same time. Well given how much I like my denial about whatever I am going through, reading Matilda was an escape from all this through wondering how Matilda would take down the Trunchbull and admiring her for being both humble and brilliant at the same. While at the same time wishing I had the patience of Miss Honey. Also this book was able to reveal to me the perks of getting lost in a good book and putting yourself in the shoes of the protagonist.
    Through reading I have been able to transport myself to the eighteenth century, pretend I am in the victorian era through such books as Great Expectations, Hard Times, Daniel Derroda, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde and many others. I do have my favorites though such as Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, any food memoir books I can get my hands on, and the YA literature series of Harry Potter and the Hunger Games.  I have a diverse appetite for books because you never know what you will find when you are not looking. I currently have a reading list set for myself that will take me a while to complete, much less start. However, it is due to Matilda that I love to read books and get lost in that world. Also its also because of this book that I want to teach English because these books I have had such a profound effect on me, I would hope to impart this same love to my future students.

p.s. I will post on Dickens Tale of Two cities after this book I hope…

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