Mockingjay….a symbol of rebellion and freedom

      I think when it comes to the third book of the Hunger Games Mockingjay that I am still trying to sort out how I feel about it. Actually in some way Collins reminds me of Joss Whedon in that she has a tendency to kill over characters that the readers love or care about in the end. (spoiler alert) I say this because Finnick dies in the end, and even though he seems like a Casanova in book 2 , we learn that he knows more and cares more about people than even Katniss or I thought. I love his love for Annie and how certain he is about their relationship. I think this is part of the point of the book though that even love can thrive even in terrible conditions such a rebellion against the capital.
However, even if Katniss is a symbol of the rebellion we get the sense in the beginning of the book that this is something that she is not sure she wants to be part of and she doesn’t want to feel like a pawn in a chess game.  Oddly enough Katniss seems to have two evil adversaries through President Coin and Snow.  President Snow has always been an adversary through his treatment of children through the Hunger Games. President Coin seems to be an adversary because she wants to control Kat and she does not like that, furthermore for Coin if you are not with her than you are against her. (spoiler alert)  This becomes important towards the end of the book when Snow reveals to Katniss that Coin played a part in the death of her sister Prim. I think this honestly why she shoots her at the end of the book because she knows that Coin will continue the tradition of the Hunger Games and put the capital children through the hell she had just experienced in the past two novels. She did not want to have another leader who put their needs ahead of those of the group, and who would kill children such as prim and those of the capital just to win a war, they had already won.(spoiler alert)
Katniss for this rash move is sent back to District 12 to recover from her burns and years later is married to Peeta and has two kids with him, but dreads telling her children about the horror of the hunger games. However, she is the one who finally has the freedom to decide what she can do with her life and the time she has left. But, I am not entirely sure if we get a happy ending at the end of this book given that Katniss still has nightmares about the death she caused or that were caused by others. However, I think in terms of applying this book to real life, I think all most of us can hope for is a positive ending in which we are able to marry the person we love, have friends and family who support us, and a career or job that we are passionate about. I am sure this much harder given the recession with budget cuts, layoffs, and any other new event to trip up plans that have been made. Also this book is helpful for those of us who have lost someone and are trying to deal with that grief in whatever way possible be it through death or by someone deciding that you are dead to them.

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