New year, new attitude…

     Well, happy new year everyone, it has been a rocky one. I am hoping with this new year I will resolve to make some changes in my life. One of my resolutions currently is to blog about something other than my personal life such as the books I will hopefully reading and reviewing within the next couple weeks. My next resolution is to lose weight and to strengthen any friendships I currently have. My penultimate resolution is to learn how to drive finally, no matter how scary I think it is in the beginning. My last resolution is to be more social, as I am so socially awkward with new people, well its embarrassing to say the least.
     However, even with these resolutions I have learned a lot this year, there were these lines from My boys how people in the 20’s start revealing who they really are, and that seems like this applies this year. When I lost my grandma and then my dog Lucky, it was hard to figure out who to turn to who would be reliable and listen to me rant and be all emotional. Also the one person I thought would stick around, left me too, over a big misunderstanding. But I am just going to have make one of my resolutions to learn to let it go, or continuing to have the naive hope that this person will change their mind and forgive me.  The cherry on this ice cream sundae of crazy  is having an 80 pg thesis to write and edit. I am in the editing phase I just need to motivate my self to finish this part of it so I get a break from it for a couple weeks. But, this year I shall be graduating and entering the real world and hopefully devoting more time to this blog and getting a job of course. My goal is to finally read and finish a tale of two cities by Charles Dickens and review that in  three weeks. Thanks for listening, and I hope you all have had a good year.

2 thoughts on “New year, new attitude…

  1. Wow, you sound a lot like me. I'm also in my 20's and having a hard time navigating my was through them; I also just lost my grandmother, and am struggling to find a job. And having been a grad student, I'm totally with you on the thesis-related stress. I've got a copy of Tale of Two Cities and a few other Dickens books I've been meaning to read – they look so intimidating!

    I hope to see another one of your reviews soon. I'll be sure to read your thoughts on The Hunger Games, as I just read the book AND saw the movie. Btw I found your blog via a Google search for Evelina, which I just finished re-reading. If you want, I can give you a link to my review on that book (it's on my old Live Journal blog).

    Good luck on your thesis! Things will fall into place soon.


  2. Thanks for the comment and sympathy with regards to job hunting, thesis work, and well my grandma dying because it happened 8 to 9 months ago and still feels like yesterday to me sometimes. On a side and slightly more positive note I plan to post reviews for all the hunger games books given how addicting they are, and Dickens is being put on hold again. Also can you post a link to your live journal blog, so I can read your review when I don't have to worry about thesis crazyiness or life craziness whichever comes first.


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